City Planning

Learn about the biggest industries and employers in Portland and its surrounding counties with this guide to local business.
Portland will ban homeless camping in the city by 2024, with enforcement starting May 2023.
When complete, the center is expected to serve approximately 22,000 households.
Community members can choose from 21 different kinds of yard trees at this year’s Yard Tree Giveaway events
The iconic sculpture is the second-largest copper repoussé statue in the United States after the Statue of Liberty
Do you know where they stand?
The area that would become Naito Parkway and Tom McCall Waterfront Park looked much different nearly eight decades ago
The tableau depicting various modes of transit, native flowers, pollinators + subtle nods to local icons greets pedestrians and cyclists crossing the Blumenauer Bridge
See the German influence on the city, from green parks to group workouts
At various times through the years, people hoping to cross over the Columbia River had to pay to do so — and possibly will have to again
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