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Answered: Which Portland restaurant reminds you of home?

We asked our readers who moved to Portland what restaurant in the city reminds them most of where they’re from.

A table filled with German dishes like pretzels, schnitzel and sausage.

It’s even better when you can share the food with loved ones.

Photo by @zurbangerman

We asked our readers “what Portland restaurant best reminds you of where you’re from?” Like the most delectable signature dishes, their responses deserve to be shared. Bon appétit.

“The Screen Door on Burnside. I was raised in the deep Ozarks of southern Missouri.” - Louise J.

“Screen Door. The fried okra is the best in town and actually might be the ONLY fried okra in town. Everything there reminds me of sweet home Alabama (except the attitude).” - Allen T.

G-Love really reminds me of the cool, healthy, fresh food of Southern California. The playlist echoing throughout the restaurant, the fun cocktails, and colorful plates all remind me of home!” - Sarah A.

Hopscotch” - Darcy G.

La Moule” - Bram R.

“I am from New York. I think the dim sum spots on 82nd. I am vegan now, so can’t eat a lot there, but we always bring my parents.” - J.P.

Dirty Lettuce” - Amber P.

Off the Leash Chicago Food Truck” - John K.

Matt and Memere’s cooks some of the best New Orleans food. They have shrimp, crawfish, catfish, gumbo, red beans and rice and many other traditional New Orleans dishes. Their food is delicious and spot on for hometown specialties. I love that they use local NOLA ingredients.” - Alison B.

The Frying Scotsman fish & chip cart reminds me of my Scottish home.” - John D.

Otto Pizzeria, cause I’m from Italy” - Paola F.

Urban German in North Portland. I’m from Pennsylvania and my heritage is German. Love those soft pretzels!” Katharine B.

Michael’s Italian Beef & Sausage” - Eric K.

Giovanni’s Italian Restaurant in Beaverton. When we moved to Newberg almost seven years ago, we couldn’t find any Italian restaurants that reminded us of our neighborhood home style go-to. We found Giovanni’s by accident. I had made a wrong turn while going to the doctor’s office and we saw it and decided to give it a try. Now we drive from Newberg to Beaverton just to enjoy a great Italian lunch/dinner.” - Rod F.

I’m from Northern California but come from a Balkan family. The Two Brothers restaurant, being the only Balkan food restaurant I know of in Portland, reminds me of my roots, is delicious, and always makes me feel at home.” - Amanda S.

Stammtisch. I grew up in Germany and this takes me back.” - Patty T.

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