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Learn about some of the oldest homes in the City of Roses and where to see them for yourself.
A new station at PDX now greets MAX Red Line riders.
The Montgomery Park building in Northwest Portland is over 100 years old — and its owners reportedly owe over $149 million on it.
Additional dwellings can be built as standalone structures, carved out within an existing home, or converted from a garage.
These Portland homes for sale offer an invigorating way to cool off during the hot summer months.
You can make this fantasy home your reality for $4 million.
A flurry of Craftsman construction erupted in Portland at the turn of the 20th century as interest in the Victorian era waned.
Become a development terminology expert faster than you can say “special use permit for a mixed-use zone.”
We’ve got all the details on Soho House Portland, an exclusive club for creatives coming to Oregon.
Browse these dreamy houses currently on the market in Portland.
It’s never too late to add a new skill to your repertoire.
Housing market conditions will reach an ideal balance for sellers at different times nationally vs. locally, according to
If we had the power to instantly complete a major local infrastructure or development project, which project would we choose?
The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde is clearing the way to restore public access to the second most powerful waterfall in North America.
The massive redevelopment in the Central Eastside will emphasize Indigenous connection to the land and promote economic growth.
New details and design renderings paint the picture of Multnomah County Library’s highly anticipated “vibrant, diverse location.”
The Pollinator Paradise plate celebrates the creatures who are vital to our ecosystem and economy by supporting ongoing research at Oregon State University.
Fresh eggs, every day.
The planned renovations and additions are designed to make the museum more accessible to all visitors.
This Danish concept emphasizes all things comfortable and cozy.
It may be the dormant season for most growing things, but it’s the perfect time to plan ahead — spring will be here before you know it.
Real estate experts explain what Portland home buyers should know and predict whether we’ll see prices continue to rise in 2023.
Good news for Portland.
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