Become a development terminology expert faster than you can say “special use permit for a mixed-use zone.”
Construction is slated to start mid-2025 with a grand opening planned for spring of 2026.
Extreme temperatures during the heat dome of 2021 caused damage to one of the structure’s concrete supports. Work is expected to finish midsummer.
We’ve got all the details on Soho House Portland, an exclusive club for creatives coming to Oregon.
Many people have expressed worries over the duration of time that parks will be darker while they await replacement light fixtures.
The existing 5-acre park will grow to 25 acres and feature several new amenities.
Restore Oregon has put together a complete restoration plan for the century-old treasure — now it just needs someone to take it on... but time is running out.
Housing market conditions will reach an ideal balance for sellers at different times nationally vs. locally, according to
As Portland continues to grow, we’re keeping an eye on upcoming developments and recently opened businesses.
Slated for completion in 2025, the year-round entertainment venue will sit on the northwestern edge of the existing Gordon Faber Recreation Complex.
If we had the power to instantly complete a major local infrastructure or development project, which project would we choose?
The locations are “unmarked, unsafe, and inaccessible.”
The Drop Shot will host several pickleball pop-up events where people can experience the popular game and support the woman-owned business venture.
The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde is clearing the way to restore public access to the second most powerful waterfall in North America.
Remnants of the once-popular architectural style can still be found in downtown and Old Town.
The massive redevelopment in the Central Eastside will emphasize Indigenous connection to the land and promote economic growth.
New details and design renderings paint the picture of Multnomah County Library’s highly anticipated “vibrant, diverse location.”
The planned renovations and additions are designed to make the museum more accessible to all visitors.
Officials found the 93-year-old North Portland facility presented serious safety hazards.
We’ve broken down the cost of living in Portland, Oregon, comparing it to other states and the US national average.
Learn about the biggest industries and employers in Portland and its surrounding counties with this guide to local business.
When complete, the center is expected to serve approximately 22,000 households.
The tableau depicting various modes of transit, native flowers, pollinators + subtle nods to local icons greets pedestrians and cyclists crossing the Blumenauer Bridge
Portland General Electric’s plant near Boardman came down in a cloud of dust and smoke
The Grand Ronde Tribe chose a new name for its 23-acre site near Willamette Falls in Oregon City
Good news for Portland.
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