The Portland nonprofit intends its new headquarters to serve as “a true cultural hub in our community.”
With additional funding, the project can move forward with construction slated to start later in 2024.
The project that broke ground in early 2023 will make the museum more accessible for visitors and improve the gallery experience.
Most of the funding will be used to build a cover over part of Interstate 5, reconnecting the Lower Albina community.
Plans for a new stadium can proceed after securing the final $15 million during the 2024 short legislative session.
Learn about the biggest industries and employers in Portland and its surrounding counties with this guide to local business.
Multnomah County Library’s largest location, originally opened in 1913, has improved ADA access, new furniture and carpet, a dedicated teen space, and more.
Accessibility improvements were funded by $1 million in parks system development charges include.
Metro will put a new 15 year, $380 million bond in front of voters this May.
Keeping our city’s roads smooth is a monumental task, but you can pitch in.
Upgrades to the 16-acre site in the Brentwood-Darlington neighborhood include a new playground and wildlife viewing spots.
As Portland continues to grow, we’re keeping an eye on upcoming developments and recently opened businesses.
Interest rates are set to fall, but what will prices do? Hear from one local expert.
Preliminary renderings show features like an outdoor stage and chandelier that will honor its namesake drag queen.
You told us which empty buildings could be converted into affordable housing.
The Main Street Promise project will reconstruct the downtown road between Fifth and 15th streets.
The hollywoodHUB project will modernize existing transit facilities and add affordable housing, businesses, and community space at TriMet’s Hollywood Transit Center.
A new station at PDX now greets MAX Red Line riders.
The Montgomery Park building in Northwest Portland is over 100 years old — and its owners reportedly owe over $149 million on it.
Additional dwellings can be built as standalone structures, carved out within an existing home, or converted from a garage.
Nonprofit organization Restore Oregon chose each site to receive a 2023 DeMuro Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation.
The bronze statue atop the Thompson Elk Fountain was donated in 1900 by Portland Mayor David Thompson and once served as a watering hole for visitors and their horses.
The $2-billion renovation is approx. 10 months away from completing the first phase, when the main terminal will reopen.
Modern Hydrogen demonstrated the application of a technique that makes road construction and maintenance more cost-effective with a reduced impact on the environment.
Shuttle buses will transport people between the Gateway Transit Center and Portland International Airport during the closure.
The project will transform the 6-acre grassy space into a community centerpiece and resource for neighboring Mill Park Elementary School.
Become a development terminology expert faster than you can say “special use permit for a mixed-use zone.”
Construction is slated to start mid-2025 with a grand opening planned for spring of 2026.
Extreme temperatures during the heat dome of 2021 caused damage to one of the structure’s concrete supports. Work is expected to finish midsummer.
We’ve got all the details on Soho House Portland, an exclusive club for creatives coming to Oregon.
Good news for Portland.
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