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Built on the site of the previous library, the new Holgate Library costs approx. $27 million and showcases community-driven features.
The Portland Police Bureau had an on-again, off-again relationship with its mounted patrol unit.
Activism, music, a quickly changing urban landscape, and the rise of adult stores marked Portland’s “Me Decade.”
Consider these our Hollywood signs — though we actually have one of those too.
The Portland Bureau of Transportation’s bolstered forces intend to better enforce vehicle registration, missing license plates, and other common infractions starting Monday, July 8.
With the addition of Erv Lind Field and McMenamins Crystal Hotel, the city now contains 10% of such locations in the country.
Local nonprofit Cada Casa will commemorate Portland’s soccer culture and bring the community together by painting two buildings this summer.
The iconic house is a textbook example of local Queen Anne architecture and a familiar landmark for commuters.
Visions of a sprawling athletics complex fell apart when voters rejected the construction of the Delta Dome in 1964.
Interactive fountains and splash pads offer swim-free aquatic fun, while outdoor pools can help the whole family burn off extra energy while beating the heat.
Good news for Portland.
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