Two vessels’ stories became forever intertwined in Portland, Oregon, on March, 31, 1917.
It’s National Poetry Month, and our readers are invited to submit original poems in a special PDXtoday contest.
From Hillsdale to Parkrose, we’re giving you all the pertinent details about some of the elementary, middle, and high schools in Portland.
Students at the virtual school come together from all over the state to learn valuable skills like communication and creativity.
The existing 5-acre park will grow to 25 acres and feature several new amenities.
Join more than 3,500 volunteers who are trained and prepared to respond in the event of a severe winter storm, flood, or major earthquake in Portland.
The utility manager partnered with Asterra to use ground-penetrating radar to find breaks in the water main more quickly than with traditional methods.
The regional governing body plans to restore and support natural habitat diversity.
The Ride Every Wednesday campaign rewards downtown Portland commuters who take public transit, ride a bike, walk, or roll in March and April.
Daylight saving time has been around as early as 1918, and many legislators across the country are looking to change that.
The locations are “unmarked, unsafe, and inaccessible.”
The program coaches multifaceted skill sets to promote personal safety.
Remnants of the once-popular architectural style can still be found in downtown and Old Town.
During his 14 years as parks director, Jordan helped implement dozens of free activities like Movies in the Park and oversaw the creation of 44 new recreational facilities.
The massive redevelopment in the Central Eastside will emphasize Indigenous connection to the land and promote economic growth.
Why Portland scored 100 out of 100 in the Human Rights Campaign’s Municipal Equality Index.
Have you gotten your REAL ID before the May 7, 2025 deadline? Here’s how to apply in Oregon.
Portland, Oregon has 170+ years of history. In this guide, we’re diving into the city’s oldest streets and how they got their names.
The vital infrastructure project has drastically reduced the amount and frequency of sewer overflow events in the Willamette River and Columbia Slough.
These places represent the legacies of those who helped shape Rose City into what it is today.
We’re sharing some info to help kicks-heart your search.
Connect with your community by helping to keep it litter-free.
New details and design renderings paint the picture of Multnomah County Library’s highly anticipated “vibrant, diverse location.”
Officials found the 93-year-old North Portland facility presented serious safety hazards.
We’re here to connect you with the right Portland city departments to address your needs.
Check out an outdoor eco-roof, get homework help, learn a new language, and more.
Government and consumer data sets were used to score cities on various metrics of cleanliness.
Installations can be found on building exteriors across the heart of Portland
Here’s a quick look at key measures, candidates, how to cast your vote, and where to find election results.
Portland will ban homeless camping in the city by 2024, with enforcement starting May 2023.
When complete, the center is expected to serve approximately 22,000 households.
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