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Explore the history of Portland’s 12 bridges over the Willamette River in this ongoing series.
Extraterrestrials of all kinds will land their spacecraft in McMinnville in honor of the historic 1950 Trent UFO sighting with a parade, speakers, and more.
Founders of the event hoped to make our city the “summer capital of the world.”
Understanding the civic leader and entrepreneur’s contributions to Portland is key to truly knowing the city of today.
The 9th Vanport Mosaic Festival will take place Saturday, May 18-Saturday, June 1, 2024.
The Rosebuds were engraved on hockey’s biggest prize.
The oil-on-canvas masterpiece is one of the French painter’s most universally recognized works.
Travel through Portland’s past by learning about these historical waypoints and the purpose they serve.
Inflation is no fun, but these five Portland attractions have grown their number of offerings as their admission fees increased.
The longstanding shop will celebrate 100 year by offering cakes that showcase its history in Northeast Portland.
Remnants of this late 19th-century architectural movement still stand in neighborhoods across Portland.
The daredevil stopped by the Rose City on tour ahead of his legendary attempt to jump the Snake River Canyon.
Midway through the 20th century, modernization arrived for better and for worse.
Most of the funding will be used to build a cover over part of Interstate 5, reconnecting the Lower Albina community.
Despite the hardships of extreme weather and World War II, the city experienced an economic boom, a dramatic population surge, and diversification as workers flocked to the shipyards.
We’re feeling sentimental about the occasions that brought us together, but somehow ceased to exist.
The company for do-it-yourself movers started in 1945 with a humble fleet of trailers.
It’s likely that you’ve never have heard of it, but about 829 people live on this 0.17 square miles of land, incorporated as a result of a historic clash with the Oregon Highway Commission.
Set your sights on Hokkaido’s capital, which has rich sporting history and ramen culture, plus reasons to visit during all four seasons.
To say times were tough would be a vast understatement, but the City of Roses persevered, surviving economic and social struggles.
Your home, your favorite coffee shop, your daily commute aren’t just written in the skyline — they may be written in the stars.
The freestanding exhibits tell stories in the voices of original residents.
The 1920s saw the Rose City build important infrastructure in the face of a declining economy and threats to social justice.
Get to know the Rose City’s distant relatives.
Rumors of mind control and “men in black” — what’s not to love about this weird tall tale?
The annual display has been occurring since early November, but will peak the night of Friday, Nov. 17 through the morning of Saturday, Nov. 18.
Tree-lined residential streets, outdoor activities, and family-friendly living are the defining features of this Northeast Portland neighborhood.
The buildings act as time capsules to a booming time in Portland history, capturing unique architecture and cultural significance.
We’re traveling all the way back to the 1910s in Portland, when the Pittocks were still alive and the city’s famous rose test garden was still just a seed.
Learn about some of the oldest homes in the City of Roses and where to see them for yourself.
Good news for Portland.
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