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Despite the hardships of extreme weather and World War II, the city experienced an economic boom, a dramatic population surge, and diversification as workers flocked to the shipyards.
We want to know: Where is the best pizza in Portland? Vote for your favorite to help determine a champion.
Multnomah County Library’s largest location, originally opened in 1913, has improved ADA access, new furniture and carpet, a dedicated teen space, and more.
Community-supported agriculture or crop sharing is a symbiotic system that connects farmers and consumers.
The new facility’s nine courts will serve the suburbs and Portland’s west side year-round no matter the outside elements.
Eat and Drink
As if we needed a holiday to sip on these tasty cocktails.
Hurry, the 50+ participating restaurants will only offer their dumpling specials for a limited time.
Check out these brunch restaurants, cafes, food carts, and diners in Portland serving a variety of egg dishes, mimosas, bloody marys, and more.
As Portland continues to grow, we’re keeping an eye on upcoming developments and recently opened businesses.
Travel and Outdoors
It may be the dormant season for most growing things, but it’s the perfect time to plan ahead — spring will be here before you know it.
This season fans can take public transportation for no added cost to watch games at Providence Park.
Accessibility improvements were funded by $1 million in parks system development charges include.
Historic gardens and towering skyscrapers fit together in the Jiangsu province’s most populous city.
Real Estate
Sometimes a change of scenery is a must.
Interest rates are set to fall, but what will prices do? Hear from one local expert.
You told us which empty buildings could be converted into affordable housing.
Check out these six Portland homes that are on the market for near the median selling price of $546,400.
The mole-like machine will clear the way for an outfall pipeline transporting treated water to the Willamette River.
There are several steps to take in order to become a responsible hobbyist pilot.
Metro will put a new 15 year, $380 million bond in front of voters this May.
Keeping our city’s roads smooth is a monumental task, but you can pitch in.

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