The outdoor recreational activity officially started outside of Portland in 2000 and is still going strong today.
The colorful tile arrangements will be on display until Sunday, July 2, 2023.
Through their own needle-to-skin research and reader suggestions, the PDXtoday team rounded up several spots to get inked in the Rose City for a variety of comfort levels.
The theme for 2023 is “Focus on Fun” and will features mainstay events like the Grand Floral Parade, CityFair, and dragon boat races.
The Oregon Cultural Trust’s vibrant artwork showcases dozens of symbols representing the state’s diverse peoples and cultural traditions.
Two beams from Japanese torii gates washed ashore in Oregon after the devastating 2011 earthquake and tsunami, but it wasn’t the last time they would cross the Pacific Ocean.
From floating in style on the Willamette River to toasting an early happy hour, this guide will help you kick back and relax while still getting out of the house.
The juried art show brings crowds to the Southeast Portland neighborhood, opening the doors to local artists’ studios, community spaces, and homes.
We compare our previous Municipal Equality Index scores from the Human Rights Campaign... plus, how that score might change.
Look at impressive creations by hundreds of local and international builders, shop for unique kits, build your own masterpieces, and more at this two-day public LEGO show.
The 23,000-sqft immersive art experience will open in Portland’s Central Eastside this June, wowing guests with its “Rainbow Cave,” “Quantum Trampoline,” and murals from Portland Street Art Alliance.
We’ve got all the details on Soho House Portland, an exclusive club for creatives coming to Oregon.
Use Ritual Zero Proof’s alcohol-free liquor to create a sip-worthy summer cocktail.
The first-year showcase features heavy hitters and Pacific Northwest flair putting on shows in Southeast Portland from Thursday, May 4-Saturday, May 6.
We’re answering questions like “What is composting?” and “How do I compost in an apartment?”
We challenged our readers to turn one of our newsletters into a poem — here’s what you came up with.
The event celebrates and supports the small eateries that contribute the Portland’s reputation as a culinary paradise.
Check out our guide to some of the meaningful murals you can find around our city.
Dance, theater, and comedy come together at the whim of a game show wheel.
More than 300 trees across the city are protected by law and serve as living landmarks.
Restore Oregon has put together a complete restoration plan for the century-old treasure — now it just needs someone to take it on... but time is running out.
The Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation distributes nearly 120,000 donated eyeglasses each year to international “sight missions.”
It’s never too late to add a new skill to your repertoire.
Hundreds of like-minded professionals will gather to explore “the nuanced layers” at the intersection of fashion, business, and sustainability Friday, April 21-Saturday, April 22.
Take a page out of our spellbook and gather your friends or family members for an hour of fun interactive puzzles in one of three themed environments.
Explore a bizarro world where up is down and roses are... not a thing?
The local organization prepares ~28K meals each week for older members of our community
Visit a local park, participate in a community event, or clean up your humble abode in honor of the astronomical transition from winter to spring.
Daylight saving time has been around as early as 1918, and many legislators across the country are looking to change that.
The annual event will expand to Portland’s Southwest Waterfront for the first time.
Good news for Portland.
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