9 Portland-inspired Halloween costumes

Short on time and creativity? We’ve got you covered.

A man dressed as a lumberjack stands next to a ceremonial log in the rain.

Trick-or-treat? More like trick-or-tree(t).

Photo by Ray Terrill

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Portland does Halloween like it does most other things — on its own level. So why not dress the part?

Coming up with a creative costume that’ll win big bragging rights, especially when time is running out, can be tricky. So we thought of nine Portland-inspired costumes that don’t require spending an arm and a leg. Just know that we expect pictures if you try one.

A Dr. Martens boot

Hang on, don’t recycle those Amazon boxes in your garage just yet. Cut them into something resembling a boot beloved by punk rockers and emo youth, spray paint it black, and lace it up with some black rope from the hardware store. Don’t forget the yellow pull tab in the back.


True to her (literal) form, the City of Roses’ patron “Copper Goddess” will lend you a helping hand by sharing her benevolent visage. Spray paint an old sheet with metallic copper paint and tie it toga-style over one shoulder. Craft a trident with an old broomstick and a wire coat hanger. Bonus points if you crouch heroically for photos.


If you want all your friends to wonder “what’s that strange-looking rooster-alien wearing armor?” consider channeling your inner Mimir. Part “Norse mythology, gibberish, fish, and space creature,” the 8-ft obelisk (or portal to another dimension?) stands along Northwest 27th Avenue between Upshur and Thurman streets. Use cardboard for the pillar and tap into those old paper mache skills to make a helm.

Put a bird on it

It doesn’t get much easier than this, folks. Step one: Find a bird. Step two: Put it on. Optional step three: Tweet about it.

Timber Joey

Brum-brum-brum-brrrrrrrrrrr. No horror movie frights here — that’s the sound of the Portland Timbers’ lumberjack mascot sawing a log to celebrate a goal. You too can be as cool as Timber Joey after putting on a pair of cargo jeans, work boots, a team jersey, and a silver hard hat crafted from aluminum foil.

PDX portland mimir statue

Mimir’s plaque contains “a few lines of illegible chicken scratch as if it’s an alien artifact that landed in the middle of the city.”

Photo by Steve Hagan

A Forest Park tree

From a stately pine to a colorful maple — or even a stump, because hey, Stumptown — this costume can be created with foraged items and allows so much room for creativity. Just be prepared for hugs wherever you go and watch out for Timber Joeys.

The Unipiper

Do you own a unicycle and bagpipes? We’re not saying you need to be able to play while balancing on one wheel, but that would be awesome and you may have a job as a fill-in mascot whenever Brian Kidd needs a vacation from keeping Portland weird.

Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein

Fans of “Portlandia” (the show, not the statue) have 77 episodes to draw inspiration from in recreating the actors’ over-the-top Portland personas. This is perfect for couples, friends, or even large groups down to revive the “Dream of the 90s.” Here are 11 of our favorite moments.


You know that ape suit from senior year of high school when you were an extra in “Tarzan” that’s been sitting in your attic? Time to dust that sucker off and guzzle the Halloween punch, because it’s going to get sweaty in there. Remember — it’s all in the walk.

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