11 of “Portlandia’s” most on-brand moments

Season 1, Episode 1 "Dream of the 90s" | Photo by Scott Green/ IFC

Season 1, Episode 1 “Dream of the 90s” | Photo by Scott Green/ IFC

Today, it’s been exactly 11 years since “Portlandia” debuted on IFC, and the dream of the ‘90s is still alive in Portland. In honor of the show that elicits hearty chuckles + eye rolls — it’s funny because it’s (almost) always true — we’re looking at some of the most on-brand moments from Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein’s sketch comedy.


If you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at? | Gif via Portlandia

Colin the Chicken: S1, E1

We certainly like to eat locally + ethically sourced food in Portland, and the more we know, the better. The diners in this scene even receive the “papers” for the poultry they’ll be enjoying, which was “fed a diet of sheep’s milk, soy, and hazelnuts.”

Glimpse of Summer: S3, E1

Perhaps the most relatable scene of all involves vitamin D-starved Portlanders chasing a single spot of sunlight around the city.


Who’s ready for a tan? | Gif via Portlandia

Allergy Pride Parade: S2, E1

Anyone who’s spent springtime in the Willamette Valley knows that the pollen + hayfever are no joke, but this skit about being proud of what gives you hives is hilarious. When peanuts + shellfish team up for a pad Thai-themed float — one announcer points out, “Really, for some people, a Thai restaurant is a deathtrap.”

No, You Go: S2, E3
Maybe we’re too polite, or just don’t understand right-of-way, but this standoff at the intersection of Pine Street + 16th Avenue quickly devolves into car washing and getting food delivered.

no you go

No, you tow. | Gif via Portlandia

The Knot Store: S2, E2

There was never a shortage of celebrity cameos, and when Jeff Goldblum plays a purveyor of artisanal knots + later of doilies, writers struck comedy gold.

Dog Park: S2, E2

Mayhem ensues when two people bring their newly rescued dog Quicksilver (he was saved from a tsunami) to the park. Just “keep your voice down when you say the word water.”

Get The Gear: S2, E6

You can never be over-equipped for a hike in Forest Park — well, maybe you can.


Never go for a used GPS. | Gif via Portlandia

Friend Replacement: S7, E6

Growing older + having to bump up an acquaintance to a friendship is all too real, but when Damian Lillard is available, it’s not so bad.

Ants??: S7, E8

Lance + Nina invite a humane exterminator to help encourage the ants infesting their home to leave, using a special kombucha blend of course. See if you can catch Fred Armisen cracking up at the 41-second mark.


It’s sort of a carrot and stick situation. | Gif via Portlandia

Outdoor Movie: S1, E6

Whether it’s a film screening or a concert at Edgefield, there always seems to be people who want to set up their living room on the lawn.

Air Conditioner: S2, E1

Toni and Candance, owners of the fictional feminist bookstore Women & Women First, are two recurring characters who are always caught up in mischief — like harassing a poor air conditioner repairman.