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2.4 million refillable wine bottles will land in the Willamette Valley

Revino’s glass bottle reuse system aims to help the Pacific Northwest wine industry become more sustainable.

A wine bottle blasts off from a vineyard like a rocket

Revino’s refillable bottles will launch for the 2024 bottling season.

Graphic by PDXtoday

Think about how many wine bottles end up in your curbside bin every week. Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to give an exact number, but between everyone in the neighborhood, that’s a lot of glass — and an even larger environmental impact.

Revino has plans to turn single-use products into a closed-loop system, revolutionizing sustainability in the wine industry with refillable containers. Soon, it will distribute 2.4 million returnable glass bottles (RGBs) to more than 30 winemakers across the Willamette Valley. Each is designed to be used up to 50 times, breaking even on carbon emissions after the third use.

Producers will still be able to use their own labels — they’re simply removed when the bottles are cleaned. Details are currently being worked out between Revino and the Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative to utilize existing deposit return infrastructure (think: BottleDrop centers) in addition to drop-offs at partner wineries.

Uncork more information about the program.

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