Check your kid’s candy for Portland pet peeves

You never know what they’ll find toxic

A stack of candy bars has photos of a clothes line, driving, and umbrella overlaid.

Gives us chills just thinking about these.

Photo via Wikimedia and Pexels

Be safe out there, parents, and make sure to do a candy check this Halloween. 🍫

For instance, we found several things Portlanders are allergic to in these chocolate bars: umbrellas, correctly completing a zipper merge, or you know, clothing. Scary stuff. 😱

Okay, yeah, we know this is a returning meme, and maybe we spend wayyy too much time on the internet, but still... safety first.

Have you found any Portland-specific potential poisons in your treats this year? If so, drop us a line. No more tricks, we promise. 🎃

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