Answered: Your favorite Portland hobbies

It appears PDXtoday readers are a creative bunch; this is what they do to relax and/or express themselves.

A person wearing several rings and cozy clothes knits using a yellow ochre yarn while sitting on a futon. There are string lights draped around them.

Knitting, sewing, and quilting were popular answers.

When we shared some ideas for hobbies to pick up in Portland, we also asked our readers what they do for enjoyment in their free time. Turns out, they’re a skilled bunch. Here are some of their responses.

Build your brain

“Take French classes at the Alliance Française de Portland

“Taking no credit classes at PCC”

“Puzzles at home”

Stay active

Paddle dragon boats with a local club (year-round, not just during the Rose Festival)”

Mazama Mountaineering Center

“Play early music at Community Music Center

Let your creativity flow

“I do painting classes and parties with Pop & Paint! They are local, woman-owned, and the instructors are fantastic!”

“Homemade greeting cards”

“Watercolor with Peter O’Brien with class at The Moody Building in South Waterfront. Small group and private lessons available.”

“Pottery! I took a class at St. Johns Clay Collective and was hooked! Now I have a wheel at home and my house is full of mugs and bowls that I made and use.”

“I paint rocks to enjoy myself and for others to find and enjoy.”

“Watercolor and ikebana

Try out textiles

“I crochet and knit; I am a certified crochet teacher and knitting instructor. Our Knitting Together group meets weekly at Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church. All are welcome!”

“Crochet. You can do it while you watch TV. Has no calories and is fairly cheap!”

“Spinning wool to yarn, weaving, sewing clothes, quilting, knitting, crochet, beading, gardening.”

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