Happy 2nd birthday to PDXtoday

And to our readers, two of the biggest high-fives (high-ten?) for being there with us the entire way.


The entire PDXtoday team: Cambrie and Ben (left and right) with sales executive Alaina.

Photo by PDXtoday

PDXtoday has officially made two trips around the sun — you would never know it with today’s weather. To celebrate the newsletter’s second birthday, your dynamic duo of city editors Ben and Cambrie gave their two cents on the following questions.

What are two Portland restaurants so good that you’ve gone back twice?

Ben: It’s got to be PDX Sliders for their delicious Hawthorne burger and Burlington loaded fries. And I’ll never get enough of the white curry with brisket burnt-ends at Eem.

Cambrie: If they were still around, I would have said Meriwether’s and The Secret Society; these days, I’m digging Tangier and The Sapphire Hotel.

You have a pair of tickets to watch your favorite band anywhere in the city. Who do you see and where?

Ben: Funnily enough, I’m going to see Bombay Bicycle Club at Revolution Hall next May. A small venue with big sound — that’s got to be close to the top of my list.

Cambrie: I’m definitely seeing Above & Beyond at Mississippi Studios.

You’re trying to entertain a 2-year-old — what do you do?

Ben: Kowabunga Indoor Playspace is designed for parents to be able to sit back while their babies and toddlers have fun without the worry of getting lost or hurt by bigger kids. Drop-ins are available too.

Cambrie: Hands down, the Oregon Zoo. We’ll both get to look at amazing animals — everyone wins.

Who are two people you think readers should tell about PDXtoday?

Ben: [Insert family member here] who thinks Portland is an apocalyptic nightmare. Oh, and the chatty cashier at New Seasons (you know the one).

Cambrie: Your uncle who assumes Portland is a wasted land of lawlessness and your bestie who lives far away so you can entice them to fly out for some long weekend visits.

Tell us two things about Portland you couldn’t live without.

Ben: How you can always feel the changing of the seasons in the air. Oh, and all the breweries.

Cambrie: The fact that the “great outdoors” is right at our doorstep and the incredibly inclusive community that embraces individuality.

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