Answered: Our readers’ 2024 predictions

We asked, you answered. Here’s what locals think will happen this year.

A crystal ball sits on a green table with two candlesticks and seven tarot cards arranged around it.

All it takes is three in a row for “bingo!”

Photo by cottonbro studio via Pexels

What’s on your bingo card for 2024?

We polled our readers, and here are some of your zaniest predictions for 2024:

  • “Potholes will finally disappear.” — Sue W.
  • “New zoo animal! Maybe a cheetah.” — Mia A.
  • “Problems from ice/wind storm continue.” — Sarah M.

It is anyone’s guess what happens over the course of this year — but we like your guesses best. This is your last shot to submit your predictions for 2024. Otherwise, we’ll check back in around December to see what actually happened.

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