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Ways to meet new people in Portland

This could be the beginning of a great friendship.

People sit on the lawn in left field at a Portland Pickles game. The sun is diffused into rays through trees in the background.

You read this article and next thing you know, you’ve got a buddy to go to Pickles games with.

Photo by Cambrie Juarez, PDXtoday

“How do you all make friends?” Someone asked that in our Instagram comment section recently and it had us thinking — that’s a great question.

It’s hard to nail down the exact ingredients for a friendship, but common interests or getting out of your comfort zone in a group setting are a good foundation. Here are suggestions we crowd-sourced from replies on social media.

Book clubs

Start a new chapter (see what we did there) by joining a literary discussion club. Don’t know where to find one? Meetup is a handy resource with a library-full of options depending on what you’re keen on reading.


Portland is home to several companies that host trivia nights at bars and restaurants nearly every day of the week. There’s nothing better than bonding over obscure knowledge that no one else has.


Singing around strangers might not be everyone’s idea of a good time, but once you’ve gotten over any self-consciousness, you may find it easier to make connections on things like music preferences or going to concerts. Belt it out at The Alibi Tiki Lounge or Spare Room.

A group of friends smiles over tabletop games at Mox Boarding House.

Toast to your new friends at Mox Boarding House, which has a brand new cocktail program ahead of summer.

Photo by Mox Boarding House

Tabletop games

Cooperation (and maybe a dash of competition) is the name of this game. Gather for a round of Catan at Mox Boarding House or unleash your inner mage on a Dungeons & Dragons quest at TPK Brewing Co.

How do you meet new people? Share the secrets of friendship.

Dog parks

Sometimes all you need to break the ice is a furry friend and room for them to roam. Might as well chat with the other pet owners while Fido chases a ball for the hundredth time, right? Routine is on your side, so you’ll likely start to see familiar faces.

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