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Dive into ‘Fathom,’ an undersea-themed immersive art experience

Presented by art collective Roboto Octopodo, the walk-through exhibition is designed to encourage play for all ages.

A person kneels in front of a large art installation in the shape of a giant anglerfish with an open mouth and illuminated sword-like teeth.

General admission tickets to “Fathom” are $20.

Photo by Cambrie Juarez, PDXtoday

An immersive, under-the-sea-themed art exhibit is catching its second wave in downtown Portland.

Local art collective Roboto Octopodo’s first “Fathom” installation made a splash at the Portland Winter Light Festival in February. The all-ages experience returns to Southwest Fourth Avenue and Alder Street starting this Friday, May 17 — and promises to be bigger and better than before.

Visitors enter the space (a former CVS Pharmacy) and wander through a colorful, underwater world brought to life by 100+ artists. The exhibit’s three-dimensional installations range in mediums and are meant to inspire play and wonder for adults and kids alike. Returning guests will find familiar favorites like a whale animatronic, an iridescent clam bed, and a tunnel in the shape of a giant angler fish — plus all the fabulous trappings from February (think: disco balls and faux fur trim).

“Fathom” won’t dry up anytime soon. The exhibit will stay open through October and organizers hope to reel in investors to help support the concept’s expansion and diversification.