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Festivities to howl at during your visit to ‘Halloweentown’

Only 45 minutes outside of Portland, St. Helens is known for hosting Spirit of Halloweentown, an annual event that celebrates the filming of the 1998 Disney movie.

A scene from the movie "Halloweentown" shows a giant pumpkin and other smaller Jack o lanterns outside of St. Helens City Hall.

This year’s Spirit of Halloweentown will mark the 25th anniversary of the film.

Something wicked this way comes. Spirit of Halloweentown, the annual event that draws thousands of visitors to St. Helens, returns Saturday, Sept. 16-Tuesday, Oct. 31.

Fans of the Disney cult hit “Halloweentown” will know that the quaint city located 45 minutes outside of Portland was where the movie was filmed in 1998. Even if you’re not familiar, it’s the perfect opportunity to get into the eerie spirit.

Here are some highlights to howl at for the 25th anniversary event.

Twilight Weekend | Sept. 16 + 17
Hocus Pocus Weekend | Sept. 23 + 24
Election for Mayor of Spirit of Halloweentown | Sept. 30
The Big Halloween Parade | Oct. 7
The Haunted Hot Rods | Oct. 14

Look into the crystal ball to see the full schedule.

If you need a place to hang your witch’s hat for the night, this roomy Airbnb is brand new to the scene and it’s just two blocks away from the festivities — and within walking distance of a popular “Twilight” filming location.