Portland Music Month rocks the Rose City

Each January, MusicOregon curates more than 100 shows to cultivate a healthy music ecosystem and support local independent artists.

A packed crowd at Mississippi Studios from the stage's point of view

Portland’s music lovers know how to show up and pack the house.

Photo by Jason Quigley | Mississippi Studios

When early January sunsets bring the lights down low, curtains rise across many of the Rose City’s music venues. Not even the frigid temperatures can keep local musicians from strumming their strings and tickling the keys to brighten our winter gloom. Portland Music Month is here... and ready to rock.

Across 31 days, 28 venues, and 100+ shows, there’s a performance for every preference. While you search for an act that catches your eye, give your ears something to savor with NearHear, a music discovery platform that enables you to filter show listings and create a customized Spotify playlist with all your selected bands. You’ll know their lyrics in no time.

A band plays on stage at Crystal Ballroom in Portland.

Portland Music Month’s venues range in size from Crystal Ballroom (pictured) to Lollipop Shoppe.

Photo by Contrary.Carrie via Wikimedia Commons

Since Portland Music Month’s official declaration in 2022, the celebration has offered diehard fans and casual concertgoers the chance to not only discover new artists on the local scene, but to support the independent music ecosystem directly.

It’s the sweet symphony of MusicOregon, a charitable organization committed to cultivating community, equity, and economic opportunity through creative grants. A portion of every Portland Music Month ticket purchase goes to its Echo Fund, which helps independent artists in urban and rural places pursue “non-performance projects that support new growth and spur creative and career development.” Last year’s event raised $60,000.

If all of that doesn’t strike a chord, we don’t know what will.