Nostrana debuts dinner series based on rare Italian cookbook collection

Each “In Bocca” meal takes guests on a journey to a different region through their respective cuisines.

Various covers of In Bocca cookbooks, featuring colorful illustrations on brown cardboard.

“In Bocca” recipes range from classic to obscure, written in Italian and English.

Photos via @nostranapdx

The year was 1976 in Palermo and publishing company Il Vespro released its “In Bocca” series — rare, corrugated cardboard-bound cookbooks featuring remarkable illustrations and recipes celebrating different regions of Italy.

Today, Nostrana displays these collector’s items — more encyclopedia than culinary guide, with poetry, history, and all-but-lost dialects — and has started an “In Bocca” dinner series inspired by their provincial fare.

Chefs Cathy Whims (also the owner) and Sara Woods will bring you an exquisitely prepared four-course meal, complete with wine pairings.

Tickets are $169, with two dinners planned this spring and three more in the fall.

Friday, April 5: Valle d’Aosta
Friday, May 3: Veneto

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