Google rolls out new tree canopy map to help Portland stay cool

Google Search users will also see emergency alerts during the next extreme heat event.

portland tree canopy google PDX

Google’s tree canopy tool estimates Portland’s tree canopy is 36%.

Graphic via Google

Google has released new data and tools to help people in Portland weather extreme heat waves and pinpoint so-called “heat islands.”

With the help of AI and aerial imagery, Google now provides a look at the state of the tree canopy around the city (as well as in Beaverton and Milwaukie). An online interactive map shows users the places where the tree cover is less dense and therefore more vulnerable during heat waves.

The tree canopy tool is part of Google’s Environmental Insights Explorer, which also provides local data on emissions and ways to mitigate them through solar technology.

Google is also updating its search function to help people stay safe if and when sizzling temperatures return. When people search for information on extreme heat, they’ll see emergency alerts and important information — like heat stroke symptoms, tips to keep your home cool, and where to find cooling shelters — when the weather turns extreme.

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