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Can you beat the clock at Mindtrix Escape Room Games?

Take a page out of our spellbook and gather your friends or family members for an hour of fun interactive puzzles in one of three themed environments.

Three people wearing long magician-style robes of varying colors and witch hats stand in a brick room while pointing wands toward the camera.

Alaina, Ben, and Cambrie put their muggle minds together to solve the mysteries in the School of Magic room.

Photo by PDXtoday

“Did we just enter Diagon Alley?”

Stepping inside the School of Magic at Mindtrix Escape Room Games, only one member of the PDXtoday team had any prior escape room experience. However, we all knew a thing or two about spells... or at least, spelling.

For the next hour, we worked together to solve riddles and puzzles that opened up dumble-doors to hidden rooms, activated interactive elements, and advanced an overarching storyline involving a not-to-be-named dark wizard.

Did we beat the clock? Yes, with 13 minutes to spare. Did we phone the front desk for clues when we were stupefied? You bet your hourglass we did. But the best part wasn’t winning — it was putting our heads together to solve some siriusly fun puzzles.

For anyone who hasn’t tried an escape room over concerns of claustrophobia, know that the entrance door is never locked. Escaping is as easy as touching a portkey.

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