See the winner of our 2023 Picture of the Year contest

Plus, check out the runner-ups.

Towering redwoods in Portland's Hoyt Arboretum reach high into the fog.

The 2023 Picture of the Year winner, “Arboretum redwoods.”

Photo by Amy C.

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The votes are in for the PDXtoday 2023 Picture of the Year contest. Check out the finalists below, including the winner that you, our readers, voted for.

Winner: Towering redwoods

Want to feel small? Stand on Hoyt Arboretum’s Redwood Observation Deck and look up. This gorgeous shot won our inaugural Picture of the Year contest by receiving 45.9% of the votes.

Runner-up #1: Autumn foliage

Fall foliage is in full swing at the Portland Japanese Garden. Oranges, reds, and yellows of maple leaves contrast against green shrubs.

Portland Japanese Garden in the fall

Photo by Mia A.

Maple trees put on a show during the fall. This shot was the first runner-up.

Runner-up #2: What’s the buzz?

A beekeeper in full garb stands among hives beneath the Ross Island Bridge in Portland, Oregon. The hives are a part of the Jacobsen Salt Co.' Hive Program for harvesting locally sourced honey.

Jacobsen Salt Hive Program apiary at Zidell Yards.

Photo by Amber M.

We had no idea there were bee hives underneath Ross Island Bridge — talk about locally sourced honey. This cool photo was our second runner up.

Finalist: Trick or... definitely treat, please

A dog wearing a sheet like a ghost poses on a path in Hoyt Arboretum. The ground is covered with fallen leaves and a yellow bucket reading "Trick or Treat" is filled with toys and placed in front of the dog.

Hoyt Arboretum

Photo by Monica D.

OooOoo. Be careful walking the trails of Hoyt Arboretum around Halloween, you may just run into this scary-cute pup.

Finalist: Alpine and feelin’ fine

The sun lifts just above the horizon from the vantage point of Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood. Cars are covered in snow and Mount Jefferson rises in the distant south.

Timberline sunrise

Photo by Amy Y.

This beautiful scene takes “staying overnight at Timberline” and puts it right at the top of our bucket list.

Finalist: Cherry blossom bokeh

Cherry blossoms in full bloom display an array of light and dark pinks.

Portland in bloom.

Mia A.

When the Rose City turns pink, you know fair weather isn’t too far away.

Finalist: Out of the fog

Looking across the buildings of downtown Portland, you see the Montgomery Park office building and its namesake sign just barely peaking out of a fog bank in Northwest Portland.

Montgomery Park will come out of the fog.

Photo by Julie S.

Fog rolling off the Willamette and Columbia rivers creates an eerie effect in Northwest Portland.

Finalist: Lantern light

Red lanterns hang from a Chinese style pavilion beside a lake in Lan Su Chinese Garden.

Lunar New Year at Lan Su Chinese Garden

Photo by Mia A.

Red lantern glow really makes the intricate architecture at Lan Su Chinese Garden pop.

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