Portland street view scavenger hunt

Can you guess where in Portland these images were taken?

A Google Street View photo shows two people standing in a rose garden with tall evergreen trees in the background.

They won’t all be a walk in a rose garden.

Photo via Google Maps

The year was 2013. The internet was overflowing with photos of Grumpy Cat and people doing the “Harlem Shake.” But in a less noisy corner of cyberspace, geography... ahem, let’s say aficionados... were hooked on a new online game called GeoGuessr.

Its concept is rather simple. Using Google Street View, you are dropped somewhere completely random — anywhere in the world that the tech company has captured 360° imagery. Your mission? To use clues like the language on signs, natural terrain, and even the models of cars to try and pinpoint your exact location on a map. The closer your guess, the more points you earn.

Well, we’re riffing on this idea with a little Portland flair. We’ll share ten images like the one you see above. For each, you’ll have to scan the photo for things that stand out, and then try to figure out the location you are actually looking at. Some will be easy, while others may be more difficult. Don’t worry, we won’t use any arbitrary neighborhood street; there will always be a landmark or point of interest included.

Take the 5-minute quiz and let us know how you did. Best marks might get a shoutout in a future newsletter. Bon voyage.

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