Group runs to join no matter your pace

Whether you’re in it for the sweat or the socialization (or a little bit of both), there are plenty of options around Portland.

A top down view of runners putting their feet into a circle on pavement decorated with a geometric chalk design.

You put your right foot in and you run a couple miles. That’s what it’s all about.

Running by yourself is a mental game, one where holding yourself accountable can be an added challenge to achieving your goals. By joining a group run, not only do you get the benefits of socialization while you work up a sweat, but also a sense of camaraderie and support to go the distance.

The Portland area has a range of clubs from casual to competitive for you to check out on your endorphin-releasing endeavor.

Foot Traffic

This running store has five local outposts and each one organizes free group runs and walks to help foster a healthy community. You’ll follow predetermined courses and occasionally have the opportunity to take part in raffles and other special events.

Portland Frontrunners

This membership-based club is for individuals in the LGBTQIA community and their friends. Every year, it organizes the Portland Pride Run & Walk as well as other events like movie nights and camping trips.

Portland Running Company

There are weekly outings on the track and the trails, but what sets this local business apart is The Run Pub. That’s right, by joining their group on Strava, you can earn five cents per mile to go toward your next pint.

SlowPo Runners

This Meetup group was formed with beginners, runners recovering from an injury, and those who are tired of getting left behind in mind.

Rip City Runners

While not a run club in and of itself, this website is a fantastic resource for runners who are new to the city or simply overwhelmed by all of the options. You’ll find the information broken down by day of the week, plus associated details like cost, location, and time of day.

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