Friends of Marquam Nature Park merges with Forest Park Conservancy

The move will allocate additional resources to the land that was largely maintained by volunteers.

Wildwood Trail, Near Lower Macleay Trail, Forest Park, Portland,

Better engaging Indigenous communities, adding educational programming, and holding more frequent work parties are several benefits.

Photo by Forest Park Conservancy/David Bostock Photography

Since 1974, Friends of Marquam Nature Park (FMNP) has acted as steward of the forested hills, conserving, maintaining, and enhancing one of Portland’s most unique and scenic natural areas, despite not having any paid staff. Volunteer crews were a common sight on the trails, pulling ivy off trees. But, at the beginning of this month, the nonprofit merged with Forest Park Conservancy (FPC) and was subsequently dissolved.

This move opens up additional resources (read: financial support and expertise) to continue the work and legacy of those who came before while progressing the Greater Forest Park Conservation Initiative, a road map for preserving the surrounding 15,000-acre ecosystem.

A new Marquam Nature Park advisory committee will be established and two former FMNP board members will join FPC’s board of directors to assist in the transition and ensure all parties’ interests align moving forward. Donations are key to making any of this happen — from now until Wednesday, May 31, contributions will be matched up to $20,000.

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