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Tualatin to ‘Share the Love’ with 175 hidden glass hearts

We’re sharing some info to help kicks-heart your search.

Two palm-sized glass hearts, one magenta and one purple, rest in the crook of a tree branch.

Treasure hunters won’t need to climb or dig to find the glass hearts.

Photo courtesy of Tualatin Parks and Recreation

The city of Tualatin will once again hide 175 handblown glass hearts in parks and along trails throughout the month of February.

Tualatin’s Parks and Recreation Department is the beating heart of the popular Share the Love program, which began two years ago to help people cope with social isolation. The hearts are made by regional artists; this year’s glass blower is Timothy Jaquet of Tacoma.

Here’s where to look:

Atfalati Park, Browns Ferry Park, Ibach Park, Jurgens Park, Little Woodrose, Lafky Park, Stoneridge Park, Commons Park, Tualatin Community Park, the Lake of the Commons, and along trails including Chieftain Dakota, Hedges Greenway, and the Tualatin River Greenway Trail.

If you find a heart, you can keep it as a reminder of your love for the city or re-hide it to share the love. Be sure to snap a photo and tag #ShareTheLoveTualatin in your posts.

Get in touch to sponsor the event in 2024.

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