Type Space keeps a forgotten era alive

Get your fingers on typewriters and related ephemera at 2409 SE 49th Ave.

a golden typewriter with its shell removed

Are you the nostalgic type?

Photo via @type.space

Click, click, clack, click, scrrrrrr, ding. That isn’t the sound of your PC trying to connect to dial up internet circa 1998 — no, this nostalgic noise takes us back just a little bit further to a time of ink-stained fingers and whiteout.

At Portland’s vintage typewriter shop Type Space (2409 SE 49th Ave.), enthusiasts, writers, artists, students, and anyone interested in how things were done before can browse an impressive collection dating from the 1880s to the 1970s. You’ll find alluring pieces like this 14k gold Olympia SM-3, as well as ephemera, including original typewriter tins, spools, manuals + more.

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