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Cambrie Juarez

City Editor

Cambrie is a born-and-raised Oregonian who worked at a Portland TV news station before helping launch PDXtoday in December 2021. She loves horseback riding, burying her nose in a fantasy book, traveling near and far + finding a good chai tea latte.

Midnight cravings strike again.
The 30-ft-by-30-ft sign is turned on for the holiday season each year.
The company’s line of dog and cat meals, as well as its dog biscuits, are made with simple, human-grade ingredients.
Founder Seth Tibbott wanted vegans and vegetarians to feel welcome at the dinner table.
Installations can be found on building exteriors across the heart of Portland
Home cooking fires peak during the holiday, with more than three times the daily average for such incidents.
Discover the fabulous world of fungi in your neighborhood forest
Locations up and down Oregon’s Wine Country will hold special tastings, food pairings, and more
The tree fell onto power lines during a recent windstorm.
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