New bike path, maintenance yard upgrades nearly complete at Mt. Tabor Park

The bike path and multi-use trail are expected to open around April 1.

A concrete path stretches into the distance, surrounded by plants and fences on either side. Buildings are visible on the other side of the fences.

The new multi-use trail and bike path will create a safer, more accessible connection to Mt. Tabor Park for the South Tabor neighborhood.

Photo by Portland Parks & Recreation

Mt. Tabor Park is becoming a safer, more accessible place for members of the public and city workers alike.

Portland Parks & Recreation said the Mt. Tabor Maintenance Yard Project is nearly finished, along with a new bike trail connecting the South Tabor neighborhood. The project is the last to be completed with funding from the 2014 Parks Replacement Bond.

Many of the buildings at the Mt. Tabor Maintenance Yard off Southeast Division Street were originally built to stable horses in the early 1900s; over time, they were converted to offices and workspaces. But as a central dispatch center for 160+ parks employees, the facilities couldn’t keep up with modern needs and safety standards.

The project includes:

  • A new maintenance shop
  • A new greenhouse and fenced areas for plants and trees
  • A new bike path and multi-use trail at Southeast 64th Avenue and Division Street expected to open around April 1
  • New native plant landscaping, including 100+ new trees
  • A public art installation