Asked: What are the best photo booths in bars around Portland?

In the age of instant gratification and digital images, photo booths offer a satisfying return to that three-, four-, maybe five-minute wait for a keepsake you can hold.

A color and black and white strip of photos show two people posing in a photo booth at Star Bar in Portland.

Pink sunglasses from The Venderia are the perfect photo booth prop.

Photo by Ben McBee, PDXtoday

Some of life’s most fun memories happen in a cramped booth with bright lights flashing in your face. We’re talking about photo booths, the dive bar cornerstone that provides you with tangible evidence of late nights you might otherwise forget.

Portland’s many watering holes are home to these friendly boxes (seriously, how many people can you squeeze in?), each with its own character. Oftentimes, they serve as a guestbook for the establishment itself, papered with black and white portraits of past patrons.

While we wax lyrical, we want to know — what are your favorite spots to snap a selfie the old-fashioned way? Help us chart a road map to the city’s best camera cubicles with your suggestions.

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