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Downtown Portland’s 1st autonomous security robot is on patrol

“Rob” monitors the perimeter of the US Bancorp Tower’s parking garage, providing video and audio surveillance, thermal imaging, and more.

big pink security robot 1.png

Rob the robot poses in front of the new “Radiance” mural along Big Pink’s parking garage.

Photo by Unico Properties

A new security guard is on the job in downtown Portland — one that doesn’t need lunch breaks and looks like the cousin of an iconic astromech droid.

Unico Properties LLC, the owners of the US Bancorp Tower (aka “Big Pink”), added a robot to its security team earlier this month. It’s the first autonomous security robot in downtown Portland and patrols the perimeter of Big Pink’s parking garage.

Nicknamed “Rob,” the robot relays constant monitoring and surveillance data to (human) security officers working inside the city’s largest office building. Unico said Rob’s technology helps keep tenants and visitors safer by boosting “the eyes and ears of the already robust security team” and by amplifying “the safety measures already in place.”

Rob was built by California-based company Knightscope, which claims its robotic technologies have led to major decreases in crime reports and citations, along with increases in arrests.

Here are some of the features Rob’s packing:

  • 4K-quality, 360-degree video surveillance
  • Thermal imaging
  • A two-way intercom allowing security officers to communicate with people in Rob’s presence
  • An amplified speaker for alerts
  • License Plate Recognition software
A white and blue robot vaguely shaped like an egg with a camera and blue lights.

Rob has software that notifies security when banned individuals are on site.

Photo by Unico Properties

Passersby might catch a glimpse of the 5-ft-5-inch, 420-pound robot scooting along the sidewalk outside the parking structure. Keren Eichen, Unico Properties’ director of real estate services, said the next-generation technology offers extra peace of mind for those who work and visit the building — plus a little something extra.

“Rob is also fun, interactive, and cute,” Eichen said. “Come take a selfie with Rob and add some joy to your day.”

We recommend dressing in a golden bodysuit and introducing yourself as C-3PO.

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