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Portland entrepreneur to pitch ‘new gingerbread house tradition’ on ‘Shark Tank’

The Tomte Cake kit aims to solve the problem of messy and fragile gingerbread house kits.

shark tank tomte cake kit portland

Will Miranda Vaughn get a deal? Find out when the “Shark Tank” episode premieres Friday, Dec. 8.

Photo by Christopher Willard/Disney

A Portland entrepreneur with a delicious DIY concept is diving into shark-infested waters.

Miranda Vaughn will share her idea for “a new gingerbread house tradition” on the Friday, Dec. 8 episode of “Shark Tank” on ABC/KATU channel 2. Here’s the pitch: Instead of assembling a messy, fragile gingerbread house from a box or trying to do it from scratch, imagine making two easy-to-assemble spice cakes (safe for those with food allergies or sensitivities) that include a special surprise.

The Tomte Cake kit comes with a recipe, specially designed cake pans that were made in Tigard, and a storybook that tells the tale of a little gnome named Tomte. In the story, Tomte falls into some cake batter and gets baked into a gingerbread house. Bakers recreate the story and hide Tomte in their own cakes, bringing a fun new holiday tradition to life.

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