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Order up: your guide to Portland’s coffee shops

If you don’t have coffee already in hand, consider this your sign to grab some.

A coffee cafe with a natural wood counter.

You could drink coffees made from Coava beans at many Portland cafes — or just head straight to the source.

Photo by @coavacoffee

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For richer or pour over, Portland’s coffee shops are what keep us going in the morning. Our city ranks among the top coffee cities in America thanks to factors like cafes per capita and the price of beans.

The City of Roses has no shortage of masterful baristas, aromatic roasts, and foamy lattes. But if you’re having trouble deciding on a spot, gather some brews clues with our guide to some of the best coffee shops in Portland.

Pro tip: If you need to refine your order, review the different kinds of coffee before stepping up to the counter.

Roasts to boast

Adapt Cafe, 4280 SE Milwaukie Ave. Ste. 111 | Try award-winning coffee from roasters around the world, like La Cabra and Manhattan Coffee Roasters, or order a seasonal latte.

Lionheart Coffee Company, various locations in Beaverton | Baristas experiment with various manual brewing techniques using beans sourced from a rotating lineup of roasters.

Specialty drinks

40 LBS Coffee Bar, various locations | From brown sugar lattes and cold shaken cappuccinos to cortados and affogatos made with Tillamook ice cream and Coava coffee, you’ll find something to suit the season and your mood.

Prince Coffee, various locations | This woman-owned specialty coffee shop and wine bar showcases local and international guest roasters with seasonal specials like a cold brew topped with coconut foam.

Best bites

Either/Or, 4003 N. Williams Ave. | Order a loaded breakfast sandwich or burrito (there are vegan options, too) to go with a coffee made with Heart beans — or a coffee mocktail.

Keeper Coffee Co., 4515 SE 41st Ave. | Satisfy your sweet tooth with a housemade treat from the pastry case, like seasonal hand pies, cookies, and quiches (there are gluten-free and vegan options, too), to go with a seasonal latte or tea.

In-house roasted beans

Coava Coffee Roasters, various locations | A signature honey and vanilla latte leads the single-origin coffee menu, which includes specialty drinks with customizable espresso and filter options.

Proud Mary Coffee, 2012 NE Alberta St. | Experience Australian coffee culture at this full-service cafe that uses its own roasts to create special, complex coffees, like deluxe pour-overs.

For latte art lovers

Oracle Coffee Company, 3875 S. Bond Ave. | Order a drink from the vegan coffee menu (we recommend the flapjack latte) and watch the baristas work their magic with foamy, plant-based milk.

SORO SORO Coffee & Dessert, 2250 E. Burnside St. | This small Korean cafe and gift store serves animal-themed treats and special drinks — like banana bread lattes — topped with whimsical designs.

PDXtoday reader picks

Saint Simon Coffee Company, 2005 NE Broadway | “Great coffee, nice vibe and ambiance, unfailingly pleasant, helpful staff.” - Scott S.

Bison Coffeehouse, 3941 NE Cully Blvd. | “The best tasting coffee. Woman- and minority-owned. Delicious pastries.” - Claudette S.

Daydreamer Coffee, 7315 N. Fessenden St. | “Rich and satisfying brews, traditional and new specialty drinks inspired by pop culture icons. Also has a great assortment of locally sourced pastries and bagels.” - Stef N.

Guilder Cafe, various locations | “Great coffee, staff, and a variety of pastries and small breakfast menu, delicious!” - Fern T.

Ki Coffee, 4655 SW Griffith Dr. Ste. 160, Beaverton | “Good roaster, good flavor, good selection of unique lattes with fun names.” - Paula A.

Good Coffee, various locations | “Excellent coffee flavor, beautiful foam art, tasty pastries, nice staff.” - Lisa J.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters, various locations | “Stumptown’s coffee is the sweetest, most balanced and consistent coffee in Portland.” - Ingrid A.

Carnelian Coffee, 6923 SE Foster Rd. | “The absolutely best farmer-sourced, medium roast in Portland. Rockhound themed with beautiful rocks all over the shop and annex.” - Wesley M.

Cycle Town Coffee Roasters, 1626 NW Thurman St. | “Cozy spot for excellent coffee as well as other options. Friendly, efficient staff. I’m a dark roast lover and I have yet to find a coffee as good as their fair trade, organic Amazon Trail Dark Roast. Hot or iced, it is a perfect beverage; there are also many bean options available. Check out this hidden gem!” - Carol E.

Coffee Time, 712 NW 21st Ave. | “This is one of the great coffee houses of Portland, been around since the ‘80s, I believe, over in NW Portland. It feels as comfy and unpretentious as your living room. They serve their own locally-roasted coffee (sold under the name Cascadia Roasters Coffee). It’s a big place, really comfy, with lots of tables, chairs, cozy nooks. Free Wi-Fi, of course, great food, beer, and wine. It’s a great place to go to work or study or to meet up with friends. Whenever folks are new to the neighborhood, I send them over there.” - Amy S.

Be the barista

Shop our favorite coffee essentials to turn your house into our city’s next great coffee destination.

What coffee shop did we miss? If you know a spot that’s not on the list, guide us in the right direction using this survey.

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