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38 elementary, middle, and high schools in Portland

From Hillsdale to Parkrose, we’re giving you all the pertinent details about some of the elementary, middle, and high schools in Portland.

A constructions site at Lincoln High School shows several vehicles and cranes in the background.

Lincoln High School is in phase two of modernization, when the track and field will be built.

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The city of Portland is served by eight school districts: Portland Public Schools (PPS), David Douglas, and Parkrose, while Beaverton, Lake Oswego, Riverdale, Tigard-Tualatin, Centennial, and Reynolds support suburban students.

We’re giving you the 411 on enrollment, student-teacher ratio, tuition, and more (thanks to data from U.S. News & World Report) for the area’s major public and private schools. And don’t worry, there won’t be any homework.

Pssst — don’t let school traffic impact your plans. See the map below for a visual of where these Portland-area schools are located.

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Before we dive in, here are four fast facts about schools in the City of Roses:

  • With 44,681 students enrolled across 81 schools, Portland Public Schools is one of the largest school districts in the Pacific Northwest. It was originally founded in 1851 and the city’s first teacher, John Outhouse, made $100 a month — that’s approx. $3,885 today.
  • Despite its size, PPS has the lowest student-to-teacher ratio at 17:1.
  • In the Parkrose School District, 100% of teachers are certified and 82.7% have three or more years of experience.
  • The graduation rate at David Douglas School District is 85.5% — more than four percent higher than the Oregon average.

Elementary schools

Ainsworth Elementary School, 2425 SW Vista Ave., Portland

Alameda Elementary School, 2732 NE Fremont St., Portland

Boise-Eliot Elementary School, 620 N. Fremont St., Portland

Chapman Elementary School, 1445 NW 26th Ave., Portland

Cherry Park Elementary School, 1930 SE 104th Ave., Portland

Gilbert Heights Elementary School, 12839 SE Holgate Blvd., Portland

Llewellyn Elementary School, 6301 SE 14th Ave., Portland

Prescott Elementary School, 10410 NE Prescott St., Portland

Rosa Parks Elementary School, 8960 N. Woolsey Ave., Portland

Russell Elementary School, 2700 NE 127th Ave., Portland

Middle schools

Beaumont Middle School, 4043 NE Fremont St., Portland

Faubion School, 2930 NE Dekum St., Portland

George Middle School, 10000 N. Burr Ave., Portland

Laurelhurst School, 840 NE 41st Ave., Portland

Mt. Tabor Middle School, 5800 SE Ash St., Portland

Ockley Green Middle School, 6031 N. Montana Ave., Portland

Robert Gray Middle School, 5505 SW 23rd Ave., Portland

Roseway Heights Middle School, 7334 NE Siskiyou St., Portland

West Sylvan Middle School, 8111 SW West Slope Dr., Portland

High schools

Benson Polytechnic High School, 3905 SE 91st Ave., Portland

Cleveland High School, 3400 SE 26th Ave., Portland

David Douglas High School, 1001 SE 135th Ave., Portland

Franklin High School, 5405 SE Woodward St., Portland

Grant High School, 2245 NE 36th Ave., Portland

Ida B. Wells High School, 1151 SW Vermont St., Portland

Jefferson High School, 5210 N. Kerby Ave., Portland

Lincoln High School, 1750 SW Salmon St., Portland

Parkrose High School, 12003 NE Shaver St., Portland

Roosevelt High School, 6941 N. Central St., Portland

Private schools

Catlin Gabel School, 8825 SW Barnes Rd., Portland

  • Grades PK-12
  • Day school
  • Total enrollment: 780
  • Student-teacher ratio: Lower school 21:1; Middle school 15:1; Upper school 15:1
  • Tuition: $33,500-$41,500+

Central Catholic High School, 2401 SE Stark St., Portland

  • Grades 9-12
  • Day school
  • Total enrollment: 844
  • Student-teacher ratio: 15:1
  • Tuition: $16,863+

Jesuit High School, 9000 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy., Portland

  • Grades 9-12
  • Day school
  • Total enrollment: 1,275
  • Student-teacher ratio: 17:1
  • Tuition: $17,250+

Trinity Academy, 7424 N. Mississippi Ave., Portland

  • Grades 6-12
  • Day school
  • Total enrollment: 104
  • Student-teacher ratio: 7:1
  • Tuition: $9,485-$12,585

Westside Christian School, 8200 SW Pfaffle St., Tigard

  • Grades 9-12
  • Day school
  • Total enrollment: 185
  • Student-teacher ratio: 13:1
  • Tuition: $15,225+

Specialty schools

ACCESS Academy Alternative Program, 6318 S. Corbett Ave., Portland

  • Grades 2-8
  • Day school
  • Total enrollment: N/A
  • Student-teacher ratio: N/A
  • Tuition: Free
  • This accelerated program is for children who have scored in the “99th percentile or above on a nationally-normed assessment of reading, math, and/or cognitive ability,” or have demonstrated a need for alternative education.

Bridges Middle School, 2510 SW First Ave., Portland

  • Grades 5-8
  • Day school
  • Total enrollment: 52
  • Student-teacher ratio: 6:1
  • Tuition: $26,750
  • Programs are available for children with learning differences who require “individualized academics with social skills, therapies, and support” to reach their maximum potential.

da Vinci Arts Middle School, 2508 NE Everett St., Portland

  • Grades 6-8
  • Day school
  • Total enrollment: 443
  • Student-teacher ratio: 20:1
  • Tuition: Free
  • Curriculum emphasizes electives like drama, music, and visual arts, while all students take dance. Lottery applications are required; 150 sixth graders are admitted each cycle.

Pioneer Special School Program, 2600 + 2704 SE 71st Ave., Portland

  • Grades K-12
  • Day school
  • Total enrollment: N/A
  • Student-teacher ratio: N/A
  • Tuition: Free
  • Academics available for children with “social/emotional needs, fragile mental health, developmental disabilities such as autism spectrum disorder, life skills, or GED preparation needs or who require vocational training and community transition services.”

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