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Take a trip around the world to visit Portland’s sister cities

Get to know the Rose City’s distant relatives.

The Mile Post Sign in Pioneer Courthouse Square shows many different destinations and their distances from Portland.

Where are we going next?

Photo by @thesquarepdx

We hope your passport is up to date, because you’re about to depart PDX on the international journey of a lifetime. The reason? A rather common one — to visit family.

Portland has nine sister cities scattered around the world, representing relationships established between civic leaders to promote economic and cultural ties, often manifesting in exchange programs. Let’s catch up with those distant relatives.

US 7th Fleet band performs at Sapporo Snow Festival on a stage made of snow.

The Sapporo Snow Festival’s largest ever sculpture reached 82 ft high, containing 30,000 tons of snow.

Photo by U.S. Navy

Sapporo, Japan

Population: 2,666,112
Sister city established: 1959
Must-see sights: Mount Moiwa, Sapporo Beer Museum, Odori Park, Nijo Market

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Traditional dancers takes to the streets of Guadalajara.

Guadalajara is the home of mariachi music.

Guadalajara, Mexico

Population: 5,419,880
Sister city established: 1983
Must-see sights: Hospicio Cabañas, Mercado San Juan de Dios, Bosque Colomos

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A night cityscape of Ulsan

Ulsan is home to passionate soccer fans and lots of bridges. Sound familiar?

Photo via Scott Rotzoll

Ulsan, South Korea

Population: 912,734
Sister city established: 1987
Must-see sights: Ulsan Grand Park, Ganwoljae Flame Grass Road, Daewangam Park, Seongnamsa Temple, Taehwagang Bamboo Forest

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An aerial view of Ashkelon Marina.

Mediterranean waters meet sandy beaches in Ashkelon.

Photo by Lio Voo

Ashkelon, Israel

Population: 105,995
Sister city established: 1987
Must-see sights: Ashkelon National Park, Dlila Beach, Ashkelon Promenade

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Pagodas line either side of a long walkway which ends in a massive Buddha statue at the Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum.

Fo Guang is home to the world’s largest copper-cast Buddha statue, standing nearly 36 stories tall.

Photo by Zairon

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Population: 1,519,711
Sister city established: 1988
Must-see sights: Dragon and Tiger Pagodas, The Pier2 Art Center, Love River, Liuhe Night Market, Dome of Light, Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum

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Pigeons walk on the stairs in front a large statue in front of Khabarovsk Railway Station.

Catch a tram at Khabarovsk Railway Station.

Photo by Raita Futo

Khabarovsk, Russia

Population: 641,128
Sister city established: 1988
Must-see sights: Dormition Cathedral, Dynamo Park, Museum of History, Far Eastern Art Museum

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A night scene along the Shantang River in Suzhou shows lanterns and tea houses.

Slurp noodles along the Shantang River in Suzhou.

Photo by Vind

Suzhou, People’s Republic of China

Population: 8,074,031
Sister city established: 1988
Must-see sights: Humble Administrator’s Garden, Tongli Town, Pingjiang Road, Cloud Rock Leaning Pagoda, Suzhou Silk Museum

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Mutare is a city in Zimbabwe surrounded by lush rainforests and mountains.

Mutare is Zimbabwe’s third-most populous city and sits near the border with Mozambique.

Photo by Seabifar

Mutare, Zimbabwe

Population: 184,205
Sister city established: 1991
Must-see sights: Holy Trinity Catholic Cathedral, Nyanga National Park, Prince of Wales View, Mutare Museum

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A panoramic view of Bologna shows terracotta roofs, Renaissance architecture, and distant green hills.

With a compact core, Bologna is a very walkable city.

Bologna, Italy

Population: 814,332
Sister city established: 2003
Must-see sights: Piazza Maggiore, Le Due Torri (Two Towers), Santuario Madonna di San Luca, Archaeological Museum of Bologna, Ducati Museum

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