What would give someone bad luck in Portland?

Forget breaking a mirror or walking under a ladder — what kind of actions would bring a Portlander misfortune?

A vibrant orange sunset illuminates the buildings of downtown Portland.

We have a lucky coin to thank for our name — Boston, Oregon, just doesn’t roll off the tongue.

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Uh oh — if the idea of Friday the 13th makes you a little uneasy, now may be a good time to stock up on good luck charms, because it’s happening this week. While the occasion happens approx. every 212 days, this one feels particularly ominous since it falls during the haunting month of October.

Superstitious folks know that walking under ladders — which supposedly stems from Ancient Egyptian beliefs — can cause misfortune. But what Portland-specific actions would bring bad luck to locals?

Opening an umbrella when it’s only sprinkling outside? Not recycling empty cans of IPA?

Alternatively, what could be done to bring good luck into their lives? Getting pooped on by the Vaux’s swifts? Saying Couch Street (the right way) three times in a row?

Let us know your thoughts and we’ll share our collaborative guide for navigating local superstitions on Friday the 13th. You know, just in case you need it.

Your answers: Bad luck

Here are some things you think would definitely cause bad luck:

“Opening an umbrella, at all” - @skribblefingers

“Talking while passing Silent Rock” - @luce.a_

“Not thanking your transit operator when you deboard” - @pdxfashionista

“Every Portlander should avoid talking about how much better the city was when they were a teenager” - @louiepaul

Your answers: Good luck

But, have no fear — there are plenty of ways to reverse that luck:

“Tunnel honkin’ is definitely good luck” - @bloomnews

“Smiling at someone you don’t know or doing something kind of random for someone else. Like buying a coffee or breakfast for car behind you” - @debraemilligan