Costume shops around Portland, OR

From inflatable dinosaurs to film-ready outfits you can rent, these places have what you need to steal the spotlight

PDX Center Stage Clothiers Vancouver

Center Stage Clothiers owner Diana (center) stands next to strongman assistants Amanda (left) and Erin (right).

Photo by PDXtoday

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Don’t know where to find the pieces for your DIY costume — or maybe you need something that’s already assembled? Check out these shops in the Portland metro area.

Hollywood Vintage, 2757 Northeast Pacific St.

Portland has no shortage of vintage shops where you can find pieces for a DIY outfit, but we suggest starting your search at Hollywood Vintage. It’s packed with hundreds of items ranging from decade-specific pieces like poodle skirts to spooky dolls.

The Lippman Co., 50 SE Yamhill St.

From human-sized dragon statues to pizza-shaped balloons, this family-owned store has everything you need to throw a monstrous Halloween party. It also offers costumes, wigs, and accessories (prosthetic elf ears, anyone?). Shoppers will even find inspiration for Día de los Muertos shrines.

Center Stage Clothiers, 1400 Main St., Vancouver, WA

You can buy some small accessories here, but this shop in downtown Vancouver is mostly full of stage- and film-ready costumes to rent. Want to be a medieval monk? Or the Easter bunny? Costume rentals range from $55-$275 and are good for three days.

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