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Small Business

This could be the beginning of a great friendship.
The company’s fourth taphouse will also include a food cart pod, coffee bar, and bakery counter.
Custom sabers built with locally manufactured parts are SaberForge’s speciality.
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The Marion County-based cidery has taken over Ecliptic Brewing’s former Moon Room in Southeast Portland.
Learn how to grow your own food and flowers using budget-friendly items and advice from a local seed company.
The longstanding shop will celebrate 100 year by offering cakes that showcase its history in Northeast Portland.
The event celebrates and supports the small eateries that contribute to Portland’s reputation as a culinary paradise.
Join a workshop to learn how to fix things yourself or drop your ride off at a local shop.
The founder of PDX Urban Gardens is establishing self-sustaining green spaces that support the surrounding environment and community.
Whether you’re spending quality time with your little ones or dropping them off at camp, they’ll make memories to last a lifetime.
From reusable cups to direct trade practices, a number of local coffee businesses are working toward a more sustainable future.
Join others who are passionate about advancing female-owned businesses while enjoying a four-course prix-fixe meal.
Check out this list of local spots to host your special event.
Shop Valentine’s Day chocolates, couple’s games, cookware, candles, and fuzzy socks to spread the love.
Embark on an adventure, solve a mystery, terraform a planet, create works of art, and much more from the comfort of your dining room table.
Whether you’re craving a classic pie or something more adventurous, Rose City has some of the best pizza options around — including pizzerias recognized nationally and internationally.
Deck the Hills will bring 14 different wineries to the Pearl District.
The campaign incentivizes Portlanders to buy gifts at small businesses with the chance to win raffle prizes.
Window decorations, photo contests, and other family fun will illuminate the neighborhood.
Take a look at some of our favorite stories we brought you in 2023 — and learn about how you can keep them coming by supporting PDXtoday with the gift of your membership.
Take a look at some of our favorite stories we brought you in 2023 — and learn about how you can keep them coming by supporting PDXtoday with the gift of your membership.
Portland is a pepper-lover’s paradise — we called on Stacy Moritz, owner of Secret Aardvark Trading Co., to hear her perspective on why locals yearn for the burn.
Dining in Portland is always a fresh experience with new restaurants popping up all the time — and more on the way.
Here’s the deal — the swap meet and vintage shopping scene is stellar in the City of Roses.
Dig into delicious and nutritious vegan and vegetarian fare in every corner of the Rose City.
Despite being snubbed by America’s Best Restroom awards, we know the true best bathroom resides in Portland.
Check out these 14 yoga studios around the City of Roses offering sweat-fueled workouts, restorative meditation, and more.
The redeveloped food cart pod at Southwest Fifth Avenue and Harvey Milk Street is a collaboration between Expensify and ChefStable, which will feature 25 new and returning eateries.
The trade event, held at Zidell Yards from Thursday, Aug. 24, to Sunday, Aug. 27, invites industry members and consumers to celebrate the craftsmanship of building bicycles by hand.
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