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Portland social media personalities we love to follow

Looking for funny, informative, and awe-inspiring content for your feed? Start with these folks in the City of Roses.

Three miniature human figurines observe tiny pieces of art at the Portland Free Little Art Gallery.

The Sidewalk Joy Map is a collaboration between @pdxflag and @pdxdinorama.

Photo by @pdxflag

Our line of work involves scrolling the internet for stories to share with readers. Along the way, there’s the inevitable negativity, but we also encounter infectious positivity and simply cool people, which we can easily endorse. We thought we’d give a shoutout to some of those shining Portland social media profiles.

See what they bring to the feed and give ‘em a click.

For creative inspiration on the smaller side...

PDX Free Little Art Gallery, @pdxflag
The best kind of art makes you want to lean in closer — at this street-side exhibit, you have to in order to truly appreciate the minuscule paintings, sculptures, and other works curated by Grant.

For a guaranteed laugh and a satisfying beverage...

Coffee Beer, @coffeebeerme
The sensational Phillip Stewart whips up hilarious small business behind-the-scenes videos, spreading joy in the community and quenching people’s thirst from this Southeast Portland cafe/bar. Bing bong.

A skier does a backflip above streaks of rock and dirty snow. In the air, the skier is perfectly framed by the full moon in the background.

Zimmerman’s jaw-dropping alpine compositions make for pretty epic shots.

Photo by @alex_zimm

For incredible imagery of the great outdoors...

Alex Zimmerman, @alex_zimm
It’s hard to find anyone who captures Mount Hood in all of its snowy majesty better than this photographer who is always answering the call of adventure, whether that be rock climbing in the backcountry or skiing under a full moon.

For the lowdown on Portland’s best festivals and restaurants...

Michele Venlee, @michelevenlee
You get more than a just taste of the city’s happenings with this follow; Venlee’s videos are a feast of information for those whose world revolves around good food and making memories. Let no weekend go to waste.

Alice and Kailee, the women behind Two Portland Moms, pose in a park setting.

Alice and Kailee are a great source for everything from local trip ideas to date nights.

For things to do that are fun for kiddos and parents...

Two Portland Moms (Alice and Kailee), @twoportlandmoms
This duo met at the University of Oregon and have been inseparable friends ever since, going through life’s biggest milestones together. They team up to bring you all kinds of content, including parenting humor, tips on raising little ones and how to keep them entertained, and places to go when you just need time for yourself.

Who are your favorite Portland social media follows? Let us know.

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