Where to take a leap for Leap Day

Let this essential element of the Gregorian calendar inspire you to reach new heights.

Two people strapped together front-to-back fall from an open door of an airplane. The person in back is wearing a closed parachute and has their arms outstretched. A patchwork of fields and greenery stretches out far below.

Freefall starts at an altitude higher than Mount Hood and lasts nearly 60 seconds.

Today is a special day — Leap Day — and it only comes around when certain conditions align roughly every four years. If we didn’t observe it, our entire calendar system would slowly crumble and, within a few centuries, Christmas would be observed in mid-summer.

Leap Day got us thinking of ways to take actual leaps around Portland. Reach new heights and make the most of these extra 24 hours with one of our recommendations — or you can always just bound over a puddle.


Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park, 7809 NE Vancouver Plaza Dr., Ste. 100, Vancouver, WA
This newly opened, all-ages indoor recreation center has go-karts, a ropes course, and climbing walls, but if you want to experience weightlessness (and literally bounce off the walls), check out the ProZone Performance Trampolines.

Sky Zone Trampoline Park, 2990 NE Hogan Dr., Gresham
Hone your balance on the giant air-filled balls, swing from a trapeze into a foam pit, or practice the five Ds of dodgeball on a whole new airborne level.


Bungee Masters, Northeast Healy Road and Northeast Belvins Road, Amboy, WA
Take a leap of (calculated and controlled) faith from a bridge nearly 200 ft above a river.

A person in a red jumpsuit and helmet hovers in the air and a spotter stands behind inside a glass-walled circular chamber.

Indoor skydiving might be a good option for those who fear heights.

Photo by iFLY


PNW Skydiving, Mulino State Airport, 26750 S. Airport Rd., Mulino
Check off a bucket list experience with the help of a tandem instructor who will be with you through every moment of freefall.

Skydive Oregon, 12150 OR-211, Molalla
What’s the quickest way to get from 14,500 ft to the PNW’s largest private airport dedicated to skydiving? You guessed it.

iFLY Indoor Skydiving, 10645 SW Greenburg Rd.
Feel the thrill of falling — minus the whole jumping-out-of-an-airplane and hurtling-toward-the-ground thing — in a fully enclosed wind tunnel.

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