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Where would you film a scary movie in Portland?

Imagine a horror flick set in the Rose City. What location has the creepiest vibe?

A dull orange sunset shines on Pittock Mansion in Portland, Oregon.

Portland already has its own haunted mansion.

Photo by Geremia

Calling all slasher and horror movie buffs. We want to know what location would be on your must-see list for a scary movie set in Portland.

Whether it’s a shot of fog rising above Oaks Bottom with the protagonist running down the railroad tracks or the harp inside Pittock Mansion playing with no one there — what is your vision?

Imagine outdoor spaces, buildings, or neighborhoods that are built for a scream queen.

Set the scene, and let us know.

Your responses

A used car lot on 82nd

Depending on the type of vehicles being sold, a dead body or bodies in RVs, cars with darkly tinted windows, a voice flowing from vehicles saying “get me out of here” and you can’t. Something happening around the vacant Canton Grill. — Susan J.

What remains of the minimum security county jail at Edgefield

I think about this every time I’m waiting to get to the gates for an awesome concert. Rundown, overgrown, barely identifiable as a structure... it’s scary just to look at. — Elizabeth R.

Vista Bridge — Donna M.

Lone Fir Cemetery, one of Portland’s oldest cemeteries — anonymous

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