Explore Tryon Creek State Park with iNaturalist

Become a citizen scientist by uploading your encounters with fungi — or just download the free app to better understand the world around you.

A person holds a phone in a rainy forest; the screen shows a list of outdoor observations.

If your observation gets at least two agreeing IDs, it will be listed as “research grade.”

Photo by PDXtoday

Outdoor explorers, this one’s for you. Now that the rain has returned, Friends of Tryon Creek is hosting the Tryon MycoBlitz 2022, where locals can contribute their photos of mushrooms found in Tryon Creek State Park, join group hikes, compete for prizes, and more.

The event utilizes a free app called iNaturalist — a social network of naturalists, citizen scientists, and biologists who map and share observations of biodiversity. Users just snap a photo of an organism, add some optional notes about the observation, and upload it for experts to identify.

Think of it like crowdsourcing information about local organisms. Not only do you learn interesting facts about the creatures in your own backyard (like what woolly bear caterpillars turn into), but you also contribute to humankind’s understanding of the natural world. And that means we can be better stewards of it.

You can participate in the Tryon MycoBlitz from now through Tues., Nov. 15.

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