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Get your good (and goofy) side at Family Photo Studio

The contemporary take on the golden era of mall portrait photography opened in the Lloyd Center in November 2022.

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We’ve got your back, Portland.

Photo by Michael Raines/Family Photo Studio

Update: Family Photo Studio closed October 2023, but is still available for pop-ups and private events.

“Better than a selfie” says the website of Family Photo Studio — but its true appeal calls back to a time before anyone could’ve dreamed of the advancements in camera technology that we enjoy today.

Just steps from the Lloyd Center’s ice rink, you’ll find this charming vestige of Americana, with all of its changeable backgrounds and popping flashes. Owner and lead photographer Michael Raines opened his business in November 2022, building on a career that has seen his work published in the likes of The New York Times, LA Weekly, magazines, and documentaries.

Family Photo Studio owner Michael Raines poses behind the counter of his studio, which is adorned with prints and other decorations.

Those awkward double exposure shots? Yeah, he can do those.

Photo by PDXtoday

“I grew up in the ‘90s and was a product of mall culture, often spending my time after school or on weekends with friends wandering around killing time,” he explained. “But I don’t think I would have thought I’d be working in one in my 30s.”

Photographer Paisley Lee helps him run the space and take on weekend appointments. While portraiture is the bread and butter of the business, the studio is developing bigger ambitions.

“We are also a gallery space, hosting monthly photo shows, and an art space that brings in local photographers to ‘take over’ the studio and arrange and curate the space,” Michael said. “We will soon be offering workshops and a monthly photo club, and aim to be a fixture of the Portland photo community.”

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Believe it or not, we journalists have evolved ways of sniffing out good stories with just our noses.

Photo by Michael Raines/Family Photo Studio

Family Photo Studio oozes creativity and nostalgia, from the branded merch and stickers to customer prints on the wall (see if you can find The Shins’ lead singer, James Russell Mercer).

“At the end of January, we hosted ‘Glorious Shots,’ which was an homage to Glamour Shots and it was a huge success. We plan on doing another one of those either in March or May.”

You can follow the studio on Instagram to stay up-to-date on events and book a session on its website.

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