Find your inner rose in Portland, OR

A pink rose in full bloom

Forget your sign — what’s your rose? | Photo by PDXtoday

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Like people, roses come in a wide variety. Some are audacious. Others may appear demure, but then wow you with a fragrant aroma — yes, we’re anthropomorphizing flowers, but it’s fun.

So, stop whatever else you’re doing (but please keep reading) and join us as we take a big whiff of Portland’s International Rose [Personality] Test Garden.

A deep red rose in bloom

Forever Yours | Photo by PDXtoday

Forever Yours

Where to find them: Bed E16

Traits: Loyal, romantic, passionate

Whether you put down roots on purpose or drifted here on the breeze, you fell in love with the Willamette Valley soil and never looked back. Your idea of an unforgettable date night is dinner and a movie, and there’s nothing wrong with that. When it comes to defending your friends and family — like that time they shorted you on popcorn — you’re never afraid to paint the roses red.

A group of white roses

Cloud 10 | Photo by PDXtoday

Cloud 10

Where to find them: Bed B4
Traits: Optimistic, aloof, generous

Even amid the wettest spring on record, you never fail to find a silver lining in those neverending clouds. Some might say you wear a certain color of glasses … cough, cough … but your lovable demeanor attracts people who always make sure you don’t stumble into a bramble. In the past, you’ve repaid their kindness with concert tickets that you won on the radio and surprise donut deliveries.

Several pink and orange rose blossoms

Tiddly Winks | Photo by PDXtoday

Tiddly Winks

Where to find them: Bed D39
Traits: Energetic, good-natured, funny

How did the bike-riding florist make it to the parade on time? They petal-ed faster. This, and other award-winning jokes, help you absolutely thrive in any group setting, even if the humor is a coping mechanism to distract from your embarrassing nickname.

A blush colored rose

Koko Loko | Photo by PDXtoday

Koko Loko

Where to find them: Bed B4

Traits: Cultured, honest, adventurous

In social scenarios, you can’t help but share your craziest stories, like that triple decker burger you devoured yesterday or last summer’s trip to South America. You’re never afraid to try something new, like being straightforward in a passive aggressive world — that’s what thorns are for — but at the end of the day, everyone is better for it.

Bright pink roses

Marmalade Skies | Photo by PDXtoday

Marmalade Skies

Where to find them: Bed D12

Traits: Leisurely, sympathetic, deep

If you often picture yourself in a boat on a river with tangerine trees, this is your flower power. At museums, you read the entire description for every single object, and don’t get us started on smelling all the roses. You’re convinced there is more to the meaning of life, but you’re certainly not in a rush to find it — in fact, you’d rather let it come to you.

A pink and white striped rose

Scentimental | Photo by PDXtoday


Where to find them: Bed E18

Traits: Caring, perceptive, witty

You’re not crying, it’s just the allergies … and your sensitive heart. It doesn’t matter if someone is pink or white (or imagine this, both), you’ll always offer a shoulder to lean on, even if they don’t know they need it.

A yellow rose

Sparkle and Shine | Photo by PDXtoday

Sparkle and Shine

Where to find them: Beds D12, D16, and G8

Traits: Vivacious, cheerful, enthusiastic

No, that’s not the sun, it’s simply your joie de vivre, which seems to brighten every room you walk into. Nothing can get you down, not even stepping in it at the dog park. There’s just no downers allowed as far as you’re concerned; you set a very high bar, or trellis?

A dark purple rose

Magic Show | Photo by PDXtoday

Magic Show

Where to find them: Bed A21

Traits: Enigmatic, studious, surprising

Some might say you’re dark and mysterious, but that’s only because you have to spend the winter months alone perfecting your craft. But when you finally open up, that spotlight is your happy place. Bloom, goes the dynamite.

A bed of roses that haven't bloomed yet

Carefree Spirit | Photo by PDXtoday

Carefree Spirit

Where to find them: Beds B2, C16, and F31

Traits: Laidback, shy, resourceful

There’s no shame in admitting it — sometimes you bite off more than you can chew. Your cousin’s birthday party? Yeah, you were late. But, when the dirt hits the fan, there’s no better person to have around than you. That’s the advantage of always living on the edge of chaos.

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