Here’s where to find bowls of ramen you’ll remember

When you crave flavorful broth with perfectly-cooked noodles and toppings ranging from classic to inventive, turn to one of these stand-out eateries.

Looking down at two bowls of ramen on a table, both with soft-boiled eggs, green onions, and noodles. The bowl on the bottom left has nori, mushrooms, and chunks of pork.

Hapa PDX’s G-Special features a lighter broth and a touch of sweetness.

Photo by @hapapdx

March came in like a lion — and we hope it goes out like a meek lamb — but in the meantime, chilly temperatures and damp days will linger a while longer. Combat the cold by heating yourself from the inside with a steaming hot bowl of ramen.

We combed the city, combining our own experiences with a comprehensive investigation of online reviews, to sniff out Portland’s best ramen restaurants. Our picks also include menu recommendations to help alleviate any indecision. Fair warning: What you’re about to read may induce stomach growls.

Hapa PDX Ramen & Whiskey, 3848 SE Gladstone St. | G-Special

Thick, wavy noodles in a pork belly broth with shiitake mushrooms, spicy sprouts, spinach, and a marinated egg come together in this house special that runs on the salty side.

ramen ryoma.png

The miso broth of Ramen Ryoma’s vegetarian option has a near-creamy texture.

Ramen Ryoma, 1037 SW Morrison St. | Vegetable

No longer do Portlanders need to journey to Beaverton to feast on Ramen Ryoma’s mouth-watering menu. You can’t go wrong with any of the specialty bowls (particularly the Corn Butter Ramen), but those who avoid meat should try the vegetarian option with fried tofu and a soft-boiled egg.

kayo's ramen bar.png

You can customize the spice level of the TanTan Ramen at Kayo’s Ramen Bar.

Kayo’s Ramen Bar, 3808 N. Williams Ave., Ste. 124 | TanTan

Turn up the heat and try this restaurant’s most popular option, made with Sichuan peppercorns and served with your choice of broth and protein. Pro tip: Every ramen dish can be made vegan.

Wu-Rons, 1430 SE Water Ave. | Sapporo Miso Tonkotsu

You may have had tonkotsu ramen in the past — you may even love it — but if you haven’t tried this version, you’re missing out. Thick, chewy noodles in a rich-but-not-too-heavy broth that hits the perfect umami chord. If thin noodles are more your style, go for the Hakata-style Nagahama Tonkotsu.

senyo by ramen ippo.png

Pro tip: Order the Black Garlic Ramen with a side of gyoza at Senyo by Ramen Ippo.

Senyo by Ramen Ippo, Smile Pod Westmoreland, 6200 SE Milwaukie Ave. | Black Garlic

This food cart may not have an extensive menu, but its flavors are off the charts. Our pick features aromatic, robust tonkotsu broth with noodles, green onions, corn, and chashu pork — we recommend adding a soft-boiled egg.

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