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PDXtoday’s 2024 pizza bracket

We asked our readers and social media followers: Where is the best pizza in Portland? They chose a unique winner.

A square pizza on a wire rack topped with vegan cheese, red sauce, and shredded basil.

For those who avoid animal products and/or gluten, ordering pizza can be a tricky (or even impossible) task. Not so at Boxcar Pizza.

Photo by @boxcarpizza

With the NCAA Men’s and Women’s Basketball Tournaments just around the corner, we’re joining the fun of bracket competitions with a face-off of our own — the PDXtoday pizza bracket.

Last year, you helped us name the best brewery, Ecliptic Brewing. This year, we asked you to share your favorite pizza shops in Portland. Now — thanks to you and the help of a random generator — we have the official lineup for our bracket.

Bracket champion

And the bracket winner is… Boxcar Pizza, voted best pizza in Portland by our readers and social media followers in our PDXtoday pizza bracket. Along with being downright delicious, Boxcar’s plant-based pies featuring Detroit-style crust and housemade vegan “meats” help make Portland’s famous plant-based dining scene so special.

We want to extend a major “thank you” to all of you for participating in our bracket challenge over the past few weeks. We had a blast seeing how the votes shook out, and we hope you did too. Looking for more pizza around town? Check out our guide.

Apizza Scholls and Boxcar Pizza face off in a championship round of the tournament. Basil leaves and tomatoes decorate the graphic.

Who will come away with the Portland pizza crown?

Graphic by 6AM City

Round 3

Order up! The PDXtoday pizza shop bracket is back for one last go ‘round (or square, depending on your crust preferences). We once again need your help to determine the best slice of ‘za in Portland.

After our second round of votes, we’re down to two “teams” left:

  • Apizza Scholls | Is it a surprise that this neo-Napolitan powerhouse that consistently ranks among the country’s best landed in our final? The answer’s no.
  • Boxcar Pizza | Vegan and very tasty, this trendy spot on Northeast Sandy Boulevard is the go-to for foodies looking for plant-based bites, and really anyone who enjoys pies that pack flavor.

Ready to decide who wins in our bracket? Cast your vote.

Round 2

portland pdx pizza bracket round 2

Who will come out on top?

Graphic by 6AM City

Welcome back to our PDXtoday pizza bracket, where we’re asking you to determine the best pizza shop in Portland.

After our initial round of votes, we’re down to four competitors:

  • Apizza Scholls and Ranch | Previously named the No. 18 pizzeria in 50 Top Pizza’s US guide, Apizza Scholls serves pies with neo-Neapolitan crust that’s the stuff of legends. Ranch is a Sicilian-style square pizza trendsetter, serving thick pies with its eponymous house-made dressing.
  • Escape From New York Pizza and Boxcar Pizza | “Portland’s first by-the-slice shop” slings classic New York-style slices (and whole pies) from its longtime seat on Northwest 23rd Avenue. Over at Boxcar, Portland’s vegan food scene fame merges with the city’s pizza prowess, resulting in Detroit-style pies that won’t leave plant-based/gluten-free eaters wanting for anything.

Ready to decide who moves on to the final two in our bracket? Cast your vote.

Round 1

A tournament bracket is set up for PDXtoday's competition, naming eight pizza shops in Portland and Vancouver. They are Scottie's Pizza vs. Apizza Scholls, Ranch vs. East Glisan Pizza Lounge, Escapre From New York vs. Pizzeria Stellina, and Boxcar Pizza vs. Ruse Brewing Crust Collective.

Who will be the big cheese by the end?

Graphic by 6AM City

Who’s in the running

Going head-to-head in the first round are:

  • Scottie’s Pizza Parlor and Apizza Scholls | Scottie’s slings round and square pies made with naturally-leavened dough, while Apizza Scholls’ neo-Neapolitan crusts and simple ingredients regularly land it on awards lists.
  • Ranch and East Glisan Pizza Lounge | Ranch’s Sicilian-style slices can be enjoyed at six shops in the metro area; you’ll have no trouble finding East Glisan at its cozy neighborhood corner.
  • Escape From New York Pizza and Pizzeria Stellina | Self-proclaimed as “Portland’s first by-the-slice shop,” Escape From New York has also been “ranch free since ’83.” Pizzeria Stellina’s gourmet approach incorporates surprising ingredients like pears or rosemary potatoes.
  • Boxcar Pizza and Ruse Brewing Crust Collective | Vegan Detroit-style pizzas are Boxcar’s forte; Ruse Brewing Crust Collective rewards your trip over the river to Vancouver with a variety of enticing recipes.

How it works

Beginning today, we will host several voting rounds within our newsletters and social channels to determine Portland’s best pizza. Who moves on is up to you. Vote for your favorites, and the pizza shop with more votes moves on. Simple as that. We’ll go until we have a champion, which will be announced in our Friday, March 29 newsletter. You will be able to vote once per round.

How to participate

Vote for the pizza shop you’d like to see advance to round two using this poll. You can vote for all four spots or as little as one. Once we count all the votes, we’ll share an updated bracket and new poll in an upcoming newsletter.

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