Take a bite out of the Portland gingerbread house of your dreams

See how AI imagines cookie Craftsman constructions in cities across the US.

An AI created image shows a Portland themed gingerbread house complete with a bicycle and roses.

3 peppermint beds, 1 chocolate bath, $650,000.

Photo by Lance Surety Bonds/DALL·E 3

We’re not going to sugar coat it. Portland’s housing market is tough — like sugar cookies left out too long.

For reasons we can’t quite explain, Lance Surety Bonds had a sweeter outlook on things, using AI image generator DALL·E 3 to imagine a gingerbread house inspired by our city, as well as others across the country. Although we think it could use a white stag reindeer on the roof, the rose garden is a nice touch.

Each of the 50 states also got its own marzipan floorplan. Oregon’s cabin is “nestled amongst sugar pines in the shadows of chocolate-dusted Mount Hood” bringing “verdant charm to life with a gummy candy river, marzipan deer, and busy fondant beaver.”

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