Learn to curl at Evergreen Curling Club

The 501(c)(3) nonprofit provides a place for beginners to try the sport, while also sending teams to national competitions.


Evergreen offers Saturday morning curling practice for grades 1-12.

Photo by Geoff Crim/Evergreen Curling Club

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If you think curling is just something you watch once every four years, think again. Evergreen Curling Club (ECC) has carried the brush for the sport in the Portland area since 2002 and moved into its current facility in 2012.

🥌 How do I play?

If you haven’t watched the “Roarin’ Game” at the Winter Olympics, curling can look a bit peculiar. “Most people will liken it to shuffleboard or chess on ice,” explained ECC’s curling instructor/events manager Barbara Feist. “But it’s more a combination of team dynamics and strategic thinking played out in a very physical sport that takes both strength and finesse.”

Read up on Curling 101sportsmanship and camaraderie are its heart and soul — then book a Learn to Curl lesson ($38 for adults and $19 for youth). Lessons are also provided during group events and private parties. As the only club with dedicated ice in Oregon, ECC’s leagues regularly fill up but are another option to continue developing skills. So are Friday drop-in games.

A curler concentrates as they release the stone on the ice

ECC hosts bonspiels (curling tournaments) for all ages/experience levels.

Photo by Geoff Crim/Evergreen Curling Club

🧤 What do I need?

Dress in layers and wear rubber-soled shoes. Loaner equipment (brooms, knee pads, etc.) is available for newbies, as are accommodations for people in wheelchairs or those who are visually or hearing impairedadvanced notice for instructors is appreciated.

Don’t forget a warm and friendly attitude, and the willingness to learn. “Curling definitely is a community, and a great resource for connecting with people in all manner of occupations,” said Feist.

🧹 When can I try it?

Curling is a seasonal sport. ECC starts making ice in August, while lessons and leagues begin in late September. The summer closure starts in early to mid-May, depending on weather. Follow the club on Facebook for updates, and reach out with any further questions.

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