Soar through fall colors at Pumpkin Ridge Zip Tour

The zip line course takes you on a high-flying adventure through the forest canopy

A girl wearing zebra leggings flies through orange and yellow foliage on a zipline

What’s your go-to pose?

Photo via Pumpkin Ridge Zip Tour

True, the autumn foliage does look beautiful from the ground, but can you imagine soaring through those reds, yellows, and oranges? That would be unbe-leaf-able.

You can do just that at Pumpkin Ridge Zip Tour, which is just a 35-minute drive outside of Portland in North Plains. During the two-hour adventure, experienced guides will get you harnessed up and high above the ground, where you’ll navigate seven zip lines and several suspension bridges among the lofty tree branches.

Along the way, you’ll gain ecological knowledge about the local forest and get sweeping views of nearby Brunswick Canyon. Now strap in and say it with us, wooohooo.

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